5/27 Strangers dropped off a gift.

A little more than a month ago a woman and man came to the door. My friend answered and said she have me come to the door, but they said not to worry they were just dropping off a bag. As I looked in the bag I found a wonderful book, a heartfelt note and a generous gift card. Tears stung my eyes as I witnessed the most magnanimous gesture of God’s love delivered from a group who called themselves 12 Ordinary Women. At that time I was pretty certain I was headed to palliative care with this second round of cancer. Miraculously within a week of that visit scans were run and there was an unbelievable change for the better!  My sister in law tracked the website down as I was remembering the wrong name. So please know you brought hope and love at an all time low!  My sincere and deep appreciation!  Can’t wait to learn more about your organization. 


5/26 Thank you for your gifts to us and to Trinity

I pray this thank you reaches those whose touched our hearts and lives.
My husband and I came home from the hospital to find this generous gift card and adorable plush lamb.
We just gave birth to our new daughter we named Trinity (after her 3 siblings/guardian angels in heaven.) We had 2 miscarriages before we had our precious daughter Serenity almost 3 years ago. We lost Serenity very suddenly this past January from complications of Influenza A. We were 23 weeks pregnant with our new baby. Serenity opened the gender reveal Christmas morning of a plush little lamb with a pink ribbon on its neck. We were all so excited for Serenity to be a big sister of a new precious girl. We were excited for the day of delivery for Serenity to bring the lamb to the hospital for her new sis. Unfortunatly we didn't get that experience but we knew Serenity was with us in spirit. 
We came home to this new big plush lamb and gift in our door not knowing who it was from. I am so grateful for your kind hearts and thoughtfulness more than I can express. I am not sure how much of our story you knew or know but the lamb signifies a lot to us in our journey. We miss our Serenity more than ever. Bless your hearts!
The gift card will be used to help is during our journey.
Thank You so much from the bottom of our hearts!

Love of love!! Janell and Matt

5/25 You made my day!

Thank you so much for your heartfelt gifts to me, I was so overwhelmed for your thoughtfulness to me, you made my day. God is so good, God bless you for the work you do to help another woman feel so special!! Thank you for your Prayers!!

Much love Sylvia

5/24 You blessed my friend, thank you

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. She is truly an angel on earth to all who know her and she has blessed so many people with her smile and sweet spirit. Today she told me of a wonderful blessing that she had. She said two angels came to her home and brought gifts. They identified themselves simply as 12 ordinary women. Until today, I had not heard of this extraordinary group of ladies. I just want to say THANK YOU for visiting my friend Sylvia and for your ministry. God bless you. Pat

5/20 You gave me the gift of precious time with my kids

The unexpected, overwhelming loss of my husband has been filled with many unanticipated blessings from family, friends and even strangers. Thank you to 12 EXTRA ordinary women in the personal gifts that will benefit me in having precious, quality time with my kids and enhance my home as it transforms into a haven for respite, reflection and healing. I am humbled, touched beyond expression and look forward to the day when I can return such an act of kindness resulting in hope, healing and support. ~Jane B.

5/19 A kind woman knocked on my door...

I couldn't believe when a kind lady knocked on my door this morning and said she was from 12 Ordinary Women and had come to bless me.

She said she knew I was having a hard time.
I asked her who told her and she said she couldn't tell me. It was really an amazing feeling. She said she cared about me.
Nothing like this has ever happened to me and I'm still not sure how to think about this.
I'm not used to people helping me. I do spend my life trying to help others and make their lives better but right now I am experiencing a lot of emotional pain
having lost my beautiful husband a year ago.
Thank you 12 Ordinary Women.I'd like to help someone else too.


5/10 Dear 12 Ordinary Women in Charlotte, NC

 .A huge and heartfelt thank you for your very kind and generous gift. Your support in my fight against cancer will not only help financially, but you have given me an emotional uplift. I cannot adequately express my thanks or explain the elated feelings that you have given me. You have blessed me and my journey. You are all angels in my life. I will pray for you and ask that you receive countless blessings in your own lives.


5/15 Difficult Mother’s Day

Dear 12 amazing women!

My heart is touched and will be touched forever by your thoughtfulness.
Thank you so much for thinking of me on this very difficult Mother's Day. I know that my son Danny is looking down from heaven smiling at each of you. He was always so kind and thoughtful on every holiday but especially Mother's Day. 
Words will never be enough for me to express my gratitude for the BEAUTIFUL flowers and your thoughts and prayers.
May God bless each of you and may His grace fill your hearts so that you can continue to bless those around you.
Love and hugs to 12 amazing women!


5/15 My heart will be touched forever.

An angel showed up at my house today in the midst of chaos. We only spoke for a minute but there was a sweet presence about her. Her sincerity and joy immediately calmed me. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions when I opened the gift. God’s timing is absolutely perfect! It was a gentle reminder that He will provide and I don’t need to worry. It was a beautiful and rare opportunity for me to give glory to God in the middle of the day, in the midst of chaos, instead of in the quiet.

My heart is full❤️

Baffled, Blessed Humbled

Baffled. Blessed. Humbled. Message: I don’t know how you knew about my appointment today, but I am so thankful you found me at the hospital. I am without adequate words to express what a blessing it is to be prayed for let alone blessed with financial help. God bless YOU, gentlemen! Thank you to 12 Average Joes of Franklin, TN.

The storm has past...

I don't know where to begin except to say thank you from the bottom of heart, for the gift of money, for the surprise visitation, and for the timing which God used to confirm that "the storm had finally passed me by." 

Last night as I shared this with my wife and I took some time to reflect on your showing up in my life, I felt compelled to post something on FB as a testimony to each of you involved in this magnificent gift and to point to God's faithfulness.  I don't know how you knew, what you knew, and I know that's the way you want it to be.  But I do know from seeing your website and experiencing 12 Average Joes in action, that you do want God to be given the honor and glory.  So, I tried my best to do that in my post.  I'm including it here in case all or most of you are not connected to me in some way on social media:

This is a testimony to God being alive, actively at work, working through His Word, His Spirit, His special revelations, and through His people. Today I experienced the visitation of 2 "angels" who blessed me in a way that was jaw dropping to me and to the 2 friends who were with me at the time. If one or both of you are my FB friends, I post this in honor of your faithfulness, your generosity, your encouragement, and your obedience. I don't believe I have ever met you before, but you blessed this man beyond words. I don't post this in vagueness or with coyness as some do on FB to make everybody else wonder what's going on. I post this as a testimony to God's faithfulness, God's active presence in this world and our lives, God's desire to fulfill every promise He has given us. So, to you who wonder (as I do from time to time) if God is still there, I can tell you from the most unusual experience today that He is. Last evening from 7PM to 11:30 PM "the storm passed". Today, it was confirmed in a very tangible way. Some of my friends will understand that more than others. A gospel songwriter by the name of Mosie Lister captured that awesome reality in one of his songs "'Til The Storm Passes By". It may be dated for some in its musical approach, but this man knew the reality of how God worked and he expressed it so powerfully. I now feel even more honored to have met him more than once, because the depth of his gospel songs obviously came from a heart that knew and understood. I don't know what the hours and days ahead hold, but today God proved to me that He is there, He is everywhere....and there are some brothers out there to whom I say the most heartfelt "thank you" and with a big dose of Glory to God! My nearly 6-year trial has evidently passed. He revealed it through His voice speaking to me clearly as a big thunderstorm moved from the western sky to the eastern sky last evening, the whole time speaking audibly to me of what was happening. He knew I needed it confirmed today, that this wasn't just a conjured up thought but that it was real. As I have posted throughout this period of some of the thoughts and realities that have come to me during a time of intense challenges, I will repeat one again which is "He is the Lord my God; in Him I will put my trust." If I never post again on FB, I want this one to be remembered as pointing to Him; He who is faithful. Life is tough, life is often brutal, and our only hope can be in trusting Him no matter what. I have made that commitment and so whatever the outcome, I am at peace. But His love knows no end, and so He continues to give us what we often don't expect because then a need that is real can be met while we increasingly become the strength that only a broken vessel can contain. In human terms it's not pretty, but in His grace and mercy it becomes the most beautiful portrait reflecting the face of a loving God.

If I may, I only want to add this specific, that the literal storm that passed through Franklin on Thursday night was the heavenly voice that spoke to me quietly and confidently that "just as you first saw lightening and heard thunder far in the western sky around 7 PM, then watched it slowly across the sky for a couple of hours, and then as I sat with my wife with candles on and classical music in the background around 11:15, we heard the thunder now far in the eastern sky and it was clearly that God was saying that just as this storm had passed over, it was now passing by in our lives."  Then I prayed long later that night that I was anticipating to see what might happen in the coming days and weeks.  I had encouraging meetings earlier that day (long time coming!) and then you guys show up at Meridee's.  Yes, God used you to confirm a strong message He was giving to me.

I've known Christ most of my life, but I have seen greater movement in my understanding of who God really is over the past 6 years, ALL through a time of intense pain at many levels.  I see His presence in nature and in all of His creation, so it's no wonder that a storm was used to speak to me again.  And as in real life, like the 500-year flood in Nashville several years ago, when the storm passes by we know we are safe and in the clear.  And in the aftermath, there is clean-up to do in order for things to be "RESTORED"! Some people would say "restored to its original condition" but I would say, "No, brand new again.  The old house was taken away by the tornado and all that does remain is a strong a firm foundation!" I believe that I have now been ushered into the clean-up phase and with each step, new life, freshness, new strength, new vision, and restoration will take place in my life, in my family, and in the people and things around me that are a part of the world God has called me to live in and serve.  I don't know what that looks like or how that would happen, but I will look to Him daily to guide each step as I have been now for some time, only now with a little more spryness in my step after nearly 6 years of climbing and crawling.  I do know this:  I will do it with a renewed strength made possible by my even greater trust in Him, pronounced sharply and accented by the visitation and most generous gift from 12 Average Joes.  And as much as the money is such a huge help, I have to say that it is "the act itself" which is so unbelievably powerful because it speaks to every aspect and area, not just one!

Simply put, you guys are awesome!!!  May rich blessings and abundance beyond all that can be imagined be yours because of your faithfulness.


Thank you! Nashville Tn.

Thank you for your gift of hope. I've been down. Very, very down. Now I have enough to get back up again if I do things wisely. I thank you and guarantee that this money will be used to the right ends. I love you all. 12 Average Joes. Thank you. This money came at the God given right moment! I was so down that I was about to leave and now I have hope.

Windermere, Fl thank you

We live in Windermere Florida and my husband suffered a life altering health episode this summer. When we had a visit from 12 average Joes, their financial gift blew us away and met a very immediate need, their inspiring card and prayer warmed our hearts. It's hard to not even know who the givers are so you can say thanks but whoever you are "thank you 12 average Joes!"

God provides in many ways!

We are still in shock about the kind, anonymous gift delivered to my husband yesterday as he worked in the driveway. Over the past year since he was laid off, God has provided in many different ways, but I'd say this is one of the most inspiring and touching. One day, we will be in the position to do the same to others. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Double Down December

"G" and I drove to Fairview on the morning of Friday Dec 23 and found a family that obviously had needs.  Good thing we went during the day or we may not have found their home.  "A’s" wife answered the door and we asked to speak to "R" (I had the wrong name)…we quickly learned his name was "A".  She went to tell him there were some guys at the door and he came to meet us along with his young son…still wearing his respirator a remnant from his recent surgery.   We greeted them, handed to him the envelope and wished him our blessings and Merry Christmas and went on our way.  By the look on their face they were very surprised and gracious without knowing what was in the envelope.
The only way I can describe the drop was that we made the correct decision to “double down” this month and our experience was “heartwarming and sweet”.  We left knowing that without a doubt we assisted someone with significant needs and challenged to be more aware of others in need throughout the year.


Thank You for helping my family

Dear 12 Average Joes,
I wanted to send you a heart felt "thank you" for helping my sister and brother-in-law, "D&A Y". I don't know how your group was informed about their situation, but I'm incredibility thankful that you were contacted. I cannot express how painful it is to see your own family struggle and not be in a position to send them enough money to keep them going, let alone, not being able to give them a hug or a hand to hold when you live over a 1,000 miles away. 

Honestly, I really do not possess the words to properly convey my personal thanks to your organization. I've never been much of a religious person, but I always say prayers of thanks everyday, just in case someone was listening. I've only put in a couple of requests for help over the years, and as always, those prayers have been answered. 


Encouraged by your kind gesture

Dear 12, Thank you again for the financial assistance gift, 2 of your guys presented to me. I shared the testimony of your generosity, and so many were encouraged by your kind gesture and the blessing you bestowed upon me. I hope one day to tell you the rest of the story. But, for now, know this: I am trying to do what God wants me to do, and caring more for others than myself. Using my gift of writing to help teach and encourage. thank you again. Take Care, God Bless, CS.