4/3 Thank you for gifting my mother in law!

Thank you!  My mother-in-law has been in and out of hospitals and transitional care units at different nursing homes since the beginning of this year. She has been dealing with multiple strokes, pneumonia, diabetic coma, unmanageable diabetes, urinary tract infections, sepsis and all of the therapies & difficulties that go with healing following these experiences.  She was finally able to return home this past weekend which has opened up a whole new level of difficulty. She now uses a wheelchair and had to have some changes to the house to make it accessible.  She called me this morning to see if I sent her the boxes of gifts (which I had nothing to do with).  She is beyond thrilled and this brightened up her day so much that I am over here crying knowing that somebody is anonymously showing her so much love during such a tough time.Karen

4/2 I'm truly humbled

I just want to thank you for your generosity. I'm truly humbled by it. I'm still in shock over the loss of my sister but knowing that there are people out there praying and caring as you all do gives me hope and strength. Thank you again sincerely,    Diana

4/1 May God richly bless you for your kindness .

Thank you so much for your generous gift and well wishes. I would love to know who to thank , I greatly appreciate the devotional book and would love to know more about your organization . This means so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my hear. May God richly bless you for your kindness .


4/1 May God richly bless you for your love and kindness and showing his love through you.

Can't tell you how much that visit /card/and book and the sweet Debbie that brought it to me ---- it just made my day. WOW, it meant so much to me and my daughter will be so touched. I have some little ideas who told you about me but i also know that it was a God send. God is so good and has blessed me with so much, this was truly a blessing from above and I am just so touched. Thank you for brightening my day and also for the work that you do May God richly bless you for your love and kindness and showing his love through you.


3/31 Isanti thank you

I received a gift yesterday from the wonderful group of 12 ordinary women from Isanti.

I cried when I read the message. My 33 year old son has stage 4 colon cancer. The news from the doctors has not been promising. This is his second cancer, unrelated to his first. So we have been under extreme stress.
This message gave me hope. The gift card was just an extra surprise.
I pray every day for many reasons, I felt alone and beaten. But your message of hope and to know that people whom we don’t know, care, has given me hope again.
Thank you for all you do. I hope to pay it forward some day many times over.
Maybe I can become a ordinary woman too.
Many blessings to you

3/30 Yesterday a lovely lady came to my door...

Yesterday a lovely lady came to my door and presented me with a beautiful box filled with food, already prepared, and a book of daily devotions. As a Christian, this was uplifting and touched me in a spiritual way. I think she was an angel sent to me from God. I have been having some health issues and my precious husband is three years into Alzheimer's. I have been feeling very low and praying constantly. That visit was a boost I certainly needed. I cannot thank your group enough for the gift and, especially, for the prayers. What a wonderful service you are doing for our God and each of us you serve! May God bless you and your work.


3/29 tears flowed down my checks. I'm so very grateful!!

Truly Blessed! Still can't believe that two beautiful women came to my office and handed me an envelope with my name on it. As soon as I looked up from reading my name on the envelope they were gone. I opened the envelope and read the message and saw the gifts, ...tears flowed down my checks. I'm so very grateful!! I need to share a bible verse that is very dear to me.."we have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul" Hebrew 6:19..That is how my dog Hope got her name..Thank you! 12 ordinary women..I want to pay it forward.


3/28 Some of my days are lovely, I call them my up days, some of them are down days.

Some of my days are lovely, I call them my up days, some of them are down days. Dealing with stage four metastatic breast cancer while moving from a five bedroom home to a two bedroom apartment can produce many down days. I was having one of those when I got a call from a woman whose phone number I didn’t recognize. My husband had taken me to Perkins for lunch to pull me out of the downs and I tried the reverse directory on my IPad...to no avail. Then the next day quickly turned into an up up up day when someone names Nancy called to say she had a gift for me and was now a good time? I met her at the door of my new apartment building and you can imagine my surprise ... this wonderful woman had a huge basket filled with the most incredible gifts!!! Thank you so much to all you lovely ladies, I am now having a full up week and it feels absolutely perfect!!!


3/26 "12 Ordinary Women," from Coon Rapids, MN

 "12 Ordinary Women," from Coon Rapids, MN brought a gift box and beautiful tulips to me at my school after they heard I had had a fire at my home. I don't know who to send the THANK YOU to. I don't know if you are able to forward this.

I was speechless by their generosity and caring gesture. It was such a loving surprise. We had our fire on Feb. 7. Our garage is gone and we lost 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in our home. Currently we have moved from a hotel to a rental home and our own house has not been touched as far as the demolition goes. It is full of boxes to be taken to a facility where they will work to get the smoke smell out of our things. Our clothing is in another facility where the same thing in being done. Our electronics are in another place getting cleaned. It has been an overwhelming time period. My father has entered hospice within the past 2 weeks. He needs a lot of attention at this time during his last months on earth.

I want to reach out and thank the people who sent this box of treats and gift cards and for the Jesus meditations. I almost cry as I read one each day because they really do give me strength and hope during this time. I cannot say, in any way human, how much their gesture meant and means to me. It was out of pure kindness, love and caring and I really feel their support.

Thank you for having this organization, that I haven't heard of before, because it really makes an impact and it has helped me in many ways.

Bless all of you for your goodness. May God keep you going. Know that you all make such a difference.

Hugs and Love,


3/25 Bless you all for the work you do.​

Thank you for the wonderful gift basket. This morning I drove Carol to HCMC Clinic to meet with surgeon and she decided to be admitted to hospital to proceed with leg amputation. She and I will appreciate your kindness over many weeks of recovery. Bless you all for the work you do. 

Carol and Michael