We are here for a reason...

I was at work and one of my co-workers told me someone wanted to talk to me. As I came through the doors from the back room there were two women who look familiar only because I've seen them shopping there before. They handed me the cutest little Halloween bag and told me that basically they were put into my life for a reason... Kind of like an angel. I'm crying now because I'm on my break but it took everything I had to hold it in because so many people were around me! I just can't believe that you came into my life at such a crucial time. My juvenile son is in jail right now for violation of probation. He turned 17 just three short days ago. He was tried as an adult at age 15. I miss my baby boy more than anything in this world! I mean he is 6 foot 5 but he's my baby. Some days I just don't even know if I'm going to make it through the day. I have terrible thoughts go through my head. I desperately need somebody to talk to and help me to get my life on track so that when he comes home I am in a good place. Thank you so much for coming into my life.


Fighting cancer for a 2nd time!

I am fighting cancer - the 2nd round. I came home and discovered an amazing spa basket - complete with wine, diffusor, a beautiful blanket, essential oils, tea mug, and a gift card to my favorite massage place. It was an amazing gift, filled with love and support. Thank you.


Thank you for your CARE basket.

I just received a care basket at my door and I wanted to say thank you so much. It was God's perfect timing. A song came on that reminded me of my brother that just recently passed away and I was crying. I was walking by the door when I saw someone pull up. I looked awful from crying and I didn't recognize the person. We get a lot of sales people in our neighborhood so I kept going. When I realized there was a package I brought it in and just lost it. God's timing is perfect. The mug had 2 Corinthians 5:7 on it. I will walk by faith even when I cannot see is a perfect bible verse for what is happening in my life. Your gift was so thoughtful and it was nice to have a kiss from Jesus today through your wonderful foundation. Thank you for the gift. Love, Melissa

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9/14 A mother’s thank you

Thank you for the wonderful gift and the gift of hope in a time of uncertainty in my life. I was completely shocked and surprised when two wonderful ladies showed up at my house. My daughter is battling her second round of cancer, and at the time we received the gift we were at a point of uncertainty in her treatment plan. This gift was able to help with me taking my daughter to a specialist in Ohio, which we received wonderful news that her cancer was gone and treatment was no longer needed. What a amazing group and is definitely a way of life we all should be following. It not only gave me hope in my daughters treatment, but it also gave me hope in how wonderful people in this world can be. We will be forever grateful to 12 Ordinary Women!!!!


9/13 ​There was an envelope with my name

There was an envelope with my name. I had no idea who sent it so I was very curious. WOW! I couldn’t believe someone wanted to bless me with a gift card. How thoughtful! Then I read the card. There was no name. How could this be? I wept...overwhelmed by glorious kindness! The card was filled with word of encouragement and hope. The TIMING was INCREDIBLE!! Someone knows what we’ve been through the last several months. How? Who? Why? I’m so grateful, appreciative, and inspired! Thank you beyond thank you. I had never heard of this ministry before but I will never forget it! Thanking God for you.


9/1 A gift during a dark time.

Hello, I just want to send much  thanks to each and every one of you from deep inside my heart , I am going through very  difficult times right now and I don't and can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel,  I truly and deeply appreciate the gifts and the money it was truly a divine blessing to me and my family , again I thank you so much .....May God bless each and every one of you ladies for what you do for people like me ,                                  Thanks &  Sincerely ,

Rose Anne

8/30 Single momma blessed

I wanted to say thank you so much. I am a single momma, to four daughters. I feel alone a lot in this journey. I love people so much and there are so many days that I feel as if all the “good/ Kind” people are gone. Today, you show me that there are good people left in this world. Today, I felt less alone. No one has ever brought me anything to work, it was very special! The card was very kind! Thank you very much.


8/24 Children’s book for female inmates

I am overwhelmed by your generous gift. It will be used to buy childrens' books that are given to the female inmates, as well as books in the waiting room for children to take home. We also provide books for the jail staff to encourage reading for the children in their lives. Our literacy class meets once a week with the female inmates. Our goals are based upon treating the inmates with dignity and respect, and introducing literacy in their lives.Once again, thank you so very much for your wonderful gift.