Find joy in the journey!

Sometimes The LORD calms the storm, and sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.” That is exactly what happened Sunday before last. Upon coming home after church, we found a bag attached to our front door which stated: “Find joy in the journey.” Its impact much like the message of the first quote quieted my spirit. Already excited by God speaking to me personally during the service at Grace Chapel, my heart surged with the love of Jesus to me during this difficult, anonymous season. Suddenly, I realized that He is always The God Who Sees, always making a way, always the promise keeper, always the light in the darkness, and miracle worker. Thank each of you for your dedication to make a difference. I am overwhelmed by the encouragement of this bag and the contents—deeply touched and moved. What a ministry to me. Thank you! Thank you! Your anonymity allows the goodness of The Lord to flow freely. I pray that God continues to bless this ministry and each of you. Blessed beyond all measure.


6/17 Warm Blessings at the Soup Kitchen

Today a man came into Warm Blessings Soup Kitchen and handed me an envelope with $300 cash in it. I automatically assumed it was for Warm Blessings, and with all that goes on there, I remembered that he said " This is for you and thank you for what you do". I am a Missionary and had a write-up in last Wednesday's News Enterprise re: my work in Thailand so I thought about it afterward. I've put it safely in Warm Blessings safe, but of it was meant for me, please let me know so I can apply it to that work. Otherwise I'll leave it where it is. Either way, "Thank you".

Part 2:

Good Afternoon,

First of all I want to apologize for the error in my misunderstanding of where the funds I was given that day were to go. Being that I was at Warm Blessings and that I actually had forgotten about the article in the paper, I just assumed that it was for Warm Blessings,since there was no name on the envelope and when the gentleman came in he hadn't called me by name, plus my focus was on an issue a Patron was having at that time. 

Having said all that, I again apologize for the mix-up, but THANK YOU SO MUCH, as this is timely and a great Blessing for getting me moving forward towards my goals for this particular Mission.

Many Blessings to all who are a part of this giving !!!


6/24 The fact that 12 women- who I don’t even know- were behind the scenes praying and offering comfort

Dear Ladies,

This message is a long time coming.  I have been meaning to write it for sometime.  But I want you to know how much your gift helped me in the last year.  

I arrived home from a beach trip to receive Nancy Guthrie’s One Year Book of Hope in my mailbox.  I love Nancy Guthrie, and have attended a few of her summer studies in Franklin.  She is fantastic, and I know her story of suffering and loss.  You sent it because you knew that I lost my husband, Scott, last April 2018. I was crushed in spirit.  I was broken hearted.  I was worried, sad, scared and so many other things.  The book itself was a well spring of help to me over so many early mornings.  It was a comfort to me in so many ways on so many days.  The fact that 12 women- who I don’t even know- were behind the scenes praying and offering comfort was also “manna” from heaven.  We need a fresh supply of it everyday.  EVERY HOUR!  

Thank you, ladies, for your spirit of giving to those who need it.  It has also helped me realize through my trials, that God can and will use me to help others know Him in theirs.  What you all do matters, and I just want you to know how much it mattered to me.



6/23 Thank you to whomever sent this to me and Eva.

I received such a sweet card filled with loving words and kindness. I appreciate everything inside that card. Thank you to whomever sent this to me and Eva. It warmed my heart knowing someone was thinking of us during this time. How very blessed we have been to have the support of family, friends and you. Much love to you and Eva and I are so happy to start our new life together. Thank you thank you! Love Emily & Eva.

6/18 When I received this gift I had said that day I am waiting on a miracle

When I received this gift I had said that day I am waiting on a miracle ..then I received my lovely gifts. I didn't know that I was about to lose a new but dear friend later that day..I had to miss two days of work because of panic and anxiety and uncontrollable crying. With the gifts that I still have i was able to keep gas in my car and when my sister came to visit I could treat her to eat..I'm so very moved by this gift and the timing gave me hope in people as well as hope that there is a God that cares for me. Thank you


6/12 To the mystery miracle women in Greensboro, NC:

To the mystery miracle women in Greensboro, NC:

I found a package on my doorstep yesterday that included a needed note of encouragement, a gift certificate to a nail salon and a bracelet inscribed... 'Keep fucking going'... signed 12 Ordinary Women. Just a few years ago i would have never imagined the emotional impact or even receiving such an anonymous gift. The events in my life are surreal being diagnosed with Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer and going through a very public and painful divorce after 25 years of marriage all at the same time.  

Your kind gift came to me just at the moment when I needed strength, as I was in the depths of nausea and fatigue from my second round of chemotherapy. The impact is immeasurable, and the kindness of the 'stranger' was a blessing from God and came to my door just when I needed it the most.

You see on TV women on women bashing with the reality shows and Desperate Housewives drama. It is frustrating that these shows are popular, and I do not believe that this represent the power of women. Women are a powerful force, and I have received caring and nurturing acts from my friends, of acquaintances that have kept me going and lifted my spirits. I greatly appreciate the founders of 12 Ordinary Women and those who are carrying on these acts of kindness. When I am through this battle for my life, I would love to be a part of this movement.

So thank you, sincerely thank you from the deepest part of my heart.


6/10 I received a text on Saturday night saying a gift was coming to me

 What a surprise and blessing! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I received a text on Saturday night saying a gift was coming to me and thought it was a wrong text. So deleted it. Then on Sunday while at Mass there was a delivery brought to our house that my husband received for me. We both started to to tear up when opening all the very generous amazing gifts. And wondered who and why? I have been helping my cousin who needs a lot of help right know. I was at her condo all day Saturday and then all day Sunday so the "Gift of Hope from 12 Ordinary Women" was extra specially and perfect time. I shared some of the gift certificates and chocolate with her. She needs to be in our prayers. We have had a few challenging years too....All the Gift Cards, Chocolates, flowers and Basil are overwhelming! I don't know if I feel deserving of such a generous gift and it is hard to receive anything since I am the one that like to give.The gifts are all incredible and humbling! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a blessing you all are. Know that they will be put to good use. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! again. What a blessing it is to my family, me and my cousin. 
Thank you for this wonderful organization! God Bless you


5/24 What a blessing!

What a blessing! I can't express how surprised and blessed I was this morning to have a stranger ring my door bell and leave a card with a beautiful tree of life necklace with hope charm and money. After reading the powerful sentiment in the card, I have to say that touched my heart more deeply. I am so thankful for the thoughtfulness and encouragement of others when I am facing the most painful and trying time of my life. It has been 11 months since my 19-year-old daughter (my youngest child) walked out of our home and cut off all communication with all our family. We love her so much!! We know she is struggling with God in who she is, what she wants in life, and that she is loved greatly. My faith in Christ is strong; I know He is in control. Humanly, there are days when my anguish is overwhelming as I think about my daughter and the world she is living in and the situation and people that she has surrounded herself with. Today, I was reminded by this timely gesture and tangible gift that there are so many caring, loving people who see me, truly see me! Just as I find strength from this, I pray that wherever my daughter is today that there is someone who truly sees her and she will find the strength to call out to God who loves her greatly and reach out to her family who loves and misses her deeply. Joy to you in the joy you give to others--the joy you have given to me!