An unbelievable gift!

Today I received an unbelievable gift. I was not home when someone dropped off a gift for me and my son assured her that he would give it to me. He assumed a friend of mine that he didn't recognize was leaving me a Christmas gift. Wow!! What a gift.... I don't know the giver and I don't know how I was determined to be the recipient, but there are no words for me to describe my gratefulness! I literally cried reading the website information and cannot begin to thank the anonymous giver enough! God is watching out for me and my family! It's been a tough few months but we will not break! The grocery gift card will really help during the holidays. The bamboo necklace means the world to me and will continue to remind me that my God will strengthen me and allow me to stand straight again soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Thank you for the kindness

I wish I could thank each of you personally. Such a kindness….My heart is so full of gratitude. It has been 2 ½ months since losing our son,
Lincoln. Each day has hurt a little differently, challenged us in new ways, and led us to question, wonder, and hope. I thank you for the generous donation to Lincoln’s Place, the lovely necklace that represents so much, the precious artwork which reminds me that God keeps his promises, and the lanterns. (We will send them up to Lincoln on his birthday). My children saw your good works and are thankful for their “Secret Santa.” I am thankful to be shown God’s love. You’ll never know just how much. Blessings, M

An unexpected and great encouragement!

We were so thankful and touched to receive the generous gift you delivered to our home last weekend. It was completely unexpected and a great encouragement. After being laid off from my job last year, I have been looking for new employment and trusting God to provide. Through your organization, God has shown us (once again) that He has our family in His hands. My wife and I intend to give back when we are able in order for another family to receive the same blessing and encouragement that we did. So, to the anonymous families who contributed to our gift, please accept a most sincere and heartfelt 'THANK YOU!' from my entire family. May God bless you all 100X over for your kindness! You're making a difference!

You were such a blessing to me.

Thank you for the gifts you left on my porch after my surgery. You were such a blessing! I watched the amaryllis bulb bloom and grow and it really was a cheerful part of my day. My daughter and I are enjoying the beautiful necklaces too. Thank you so much for praying for us and encouraging us. TC

We are so grateful!

My husband and I have been having a dificult time the last several months since my husband lost one of his several jobs. Soon after he lost his job we found out we were expecting baby number 2. Over the last months we have spent all of our savings and have been worried about what to do next. My husband already works so much its nearly impossible to add more. Its been amazing to watch God take care of us. Every time we fret or lose hope God shows that he is here to take care of us. This morning I got a knock on the door, there stood a man I had never seen before along with his two daughters. He asked if I was Nolans wife and when I said yes he handed me a huge Christmas bag and a small one. He said it was a secret Santa gift, so when I asked his name he said he couldnt say. I haven't ever had anything happen like that. I told him we were so grateful, but it wasn't until he left that I realized how much of a true blessing he had really been. He had given us the largest box of diapers Ive ever seen along with wipes, baby lotion, shampoo, everything we will need in about 2 weeks when baby arrives! I wanted to cry! Then I opened the small bag and there was money inside. I can not begin to explain how truely grateful my husband and I are! God has always and will always provide for us, but this was so unexpected and from a person we had never seen or met before. I feel like thank you is not enough. Please tell the people who donated to help us how thankful we are to them! We could have never dreamed up such a wonderful blessing! We are so grateful!


Thank you for your kindness

When entering my office today I found a sweet gift on my desk. I am so touched by your kindness and wanted to send a thank you. Our family has been in a pretty hard season and our little kitchen water project brought us some exhausting days. Just want you to know that your thoughtfulness ministered to a couple of weary travelers. Your are living out the Gospel...blessings to each of you.

Thank you for blessing our family!

I work in an elementary school and see people coming into our office about every 30 seconds. This morning caught me off guard completely but that is how God works isn't it? A member of a local church in town walked into my office and asked for me by name. I am her! I recognized him from a few years ago as we attended that church for years and have many friends from there. He was here to bless my family. I was speechless. Just when you think God has forgotten you he shows himself in so many ways. My husband has been out of work for over 2 years and it has been beyond difficult but God has kept us up. He truly has! He has just started a new job but still it will take us a while to get back on our feet. Thank you so much for the blessing. it will help our children so much during a hard time. One day we will be able to explain all of this to our kids and teach them about random acts of kindness and about truly having faith and trust in God. God bless the 12 Ordinary Families ministry. We are so humbled by your love and your warm hearts. Thank you so much.

The K Family

When thank just doesn't seem to be big enough!

We are the W Family. We have one son who will be 9 next month and now we are due in two weeks with our second. Obviously, it has been a while. All of this was completely unexpected, and for a while, we did not take to the idea very well. But I can not express to you the faithfulness of God who has met every need and done miracle after miracle after miracle. 4 of these miracles have come through "12 ordinary families," My husband, son and I have been overwhelmed at the amazing way God has met our needs through families that do not even know who we are. They just come humbly, with such sweetness and tenderness, and want to bless us. That amazes me. It has allowed my son to see the faithfulness of God and the example of how Jesus wants us to treat each other and meet each others needs. And though we may not be a wealthy family monetarily speaking, we feel like the richest people in the world...and in a lot of ways, are! Thank you to everyone who has given to meet our needs and left us with nothing to buy for soon-to-arrive AJ. All of his needs have been met. What a huge blessing. Needless to say, God has brought us a long way over these months, and we now find ourselves very excited about this new little life He has blessed us with. We are overjoyed and would not have it any other way. Thank you for making this rather unexpected transition much easier for us. Thank you for sharing in our lives and for being a shining light to us all.

What you did is exactly what we try to teach our 3 boys!

A thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough but I do want to express my families deep appreciation for what you have done. A beautiful family with two daughters, a baby boy, and mom and dad came to our door this evening with a gift. They said they had heard that we are a family in need and I went on to explain that I had lost my job 11 months ago and things had been a little tough.

I did not know them and was really at a loss for words accepting the gift they had just given me. I went inside to the kitchen and opened up the small box that had such a large gift inside. There was cash, receipts from utility bills that were paid, a spa gift certificate, and 5 tickets to the Toby Mac concert. My wife had tears in her eyes at the generosity. What you have done is the exact thing we try to teach our 3 boys. We want them to give without expecting anything in return.

One thing this trying time has done, it has brought us closer to god. When I was laid off 11 months ago, we put this in his hands and he has certainly taken care of us in so many different ways including 12 Ordinary Families. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What you do for the community will not go unnoticed even though I know you are not looking for notoriety. Thank you once again and bless each of you and your families for what you do.

The M Family

Thank you from Luxy

I am April, Luxy's mom and I just wanted to take the time and say thank you so much for the wonderful gifts  that someone delivered to us over the weekend. It sure did put a smile on the kids faces!.

Thank you all so much, we havent been able to do much with the kids due to Luxy's stroke and a few extra medical bills but I we have hope for her a full recovery.  I actually cired when the Lady left, just blessed!


Luxy Moise and Family!

Coming soon!!

This September 2012 the very first 12 Ordinary Families will be meeting for the first time. Inspired by a 12 Ordinary Woman who wanted to share the joy of giving hope with her children. Taking opportunity to teach generosity and compassion in the context of her family and with the company of other families, she is launching the newest rendition of the 12 Ordinary Women revolution with 12 Ordinary Families!

We are overjoyed at this newest member of our group and cant wait to see what wonderful blessings come from one family's desire to help others.