12/13 Beautiful people like you help more then you know...

Recently I became very broken because of the tragedy me and my family have endured in losing five of our family members in one day and are now also battling my dads terminal cancer and also my Mom was lost to cancer 3 years ago. Like I said I become very sick from all of the loss and trauma and have been barely hanging on by a thread. Beautiful people like you help more then you know in restoring my hope in life and all that is still wonderful and amazing here.........something I needed more then you could ever know. Your generosity and care has made me feel so very blessed and helps me know I am still worthy even if I am broken. 12 ordinary woman also remind me that the spirit of living is about just this.... Love, giving and sharing and show us all that there is still so much sunshine in spite of the darkness! I would love to pay this forward someday! Thank you for making everything more bearable for me. You are the best of all of us! God bless you!! Kelly

12/13 A gift after the fire...

I just received a card, gift cards, and angel coin from your organization at my work address. I have no idea who you are or how you found out about my family's situation following our house fire but I'm forever grateful for your prayers, kindness, and generosity. This situation has been a burden to our family, affecting every facet of our everyday life. However it has also been a blessing giving us the opportunity to reflect on what's truly important in life and refocus our priorities, making us more grateful for the things we take for granted in our everyday life. In a world where all you hear is negativity, this experience has been so refreshing in our seeing first hand the generosity and kindness of family, friends, and strangers. Once this experience is in our past, we hope to pay this generosity forward to others in need. Again, thank you so much for what you've given our family; our generosity won't be forgotten.

Alison & Trevor

12/12 A beautiful reminder

Thank you for your gracious act of kindness, love and support. I am overwhelmed and deeply touched by the incredibly generous gifts.
What a beautiful reminder that God's love is all around us and that we are truly never alone, even in a world that can feel very lonely.
May God's richest blessings be on those who have made me feel so very blessed!


12/12 Thank you so very much for this extraordinary gesture.

I received a gift today and it made such a powerful impact on me. I am really struggling with cancer and am believing in a miracle, but am sick with cough and congestion and fatigue. This makes it harder than usual to be joyful because i am more isolated in my home. Thank you so very much for this extraordinary gesture. I am so thankful to the Lord for people like you.  I would love to also be involved in this ministry.


12/12 Moved and touched

I answered the doorbell and a young lady presented me with a gift bag containing a lovely bracelet and a beautiful note. I was so moved and touched that anyone would select me as a recipient that i couldn’t hold back the tears. I have never heard of this organization but it was like a touch from Heaven, lifting me up when i am feeling so weak. God is so good and i am blessed to be touched in such a special way. Thank you so much for your thoughtful generosity!  Tricia

12/11 This act of love has deeply touched me.

Words can not begin to describe how much I appreciate the generous surprise I received today. I am eternally grateful of the kindness and consider this an absolute blessing. This act of love has deeply touched me. My son is so excited and this has most definitely created some joy in our house.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kara A.

12/10 A beautiful poinsettia

I was very surprised when I came home one evening and found a beautiful poinsettia at my door step. That evening, I was coming home from my Daughter's in Grand Rapids and was feeling very alone. Finding that beautiful flower picked up my spirits and I knew that I was not alone. Who ever you are, God Bess you. 

12/9 The one year book of hope.

I would like to say thank you to 12 Ordinary Women for my gift "The One Year Book of HOPE" as well as the special "Angel" coin. I look forward each day to reading from my book and I keep the Angel coin with me wherever I go. My gift arrived the day before Thanksgiving, my first holiday without my beloved 21 year old grandson, Chantz. The timing perfect! Thank you for making my day extra special and for your thoughtfulness. Thanks also for your concern for me and your prayers.

God Bless all of you and your organization!


12/7 . I will be 98 years old this month and so much appreciated your generosity and kindness.

I want to thank you so very much for your generous gift and kind words to me and my daughter as she continues to recover from her lung transplant. I will be 98 years old this month and so much appreciated your generosity and kindness. I have done some research on your organization, how wonderful and unselfish your giving is. My daughter continues to heal and get stronger, which allows me peace of mind that our prayers have been answered. God Bless you all,


12/1 “a happy hug from some women who are praying for you”.

Today I came home to a beautifully wrapped box of special treasures which included a note that said “a happy hug from some women who are praying for you”.  The journey I have walked this year has been full of waiting, hardships, sorrow, pain, but I have fought to keep it from stealing my joy. Daily it has been a choice to choose joy, to see God’s goodness, and to seek His presence even in the midst of the storms. Once again today through the kindness of this gift He shows me that He sees me and He loves me. Thank you for being His hands and feet. Many blessings in your ministry. I pray beautiful things for you all. God is so good...ALL the time!