3/4 a gratitude journal

Wow Wow WOW!!! What a surprise and what a gift! I was really struggling this morning and journaling with God and talking with Him about doing a gratitude journal for Lent this year. And then this beautiful lady at my door surprised me with a box full of love and surprises! Along with those treats was a gratitude journal and a bracelet that said 'Grateful'. Wow!

Thank you for being God's love to me today. I needed it! Thank you 12 Ordinary Women for your extraordinary love and grace!


2/28 This was so unexpected!

Wow!!!! What a surprise tonight. The doorbell rang and my husband said it was for me. There stood a lovely lady and handed me a card and said you were nominated and accepted for this gift. Handed me the card and said there is a note inside that explained who/what they were and said have a good evening. Opened it up after she left and was so surprised to see what was inside. This was so unexpected and came at a great time as this was a rough week with my special needs daughter being sick for 4 days and holding her all night and most of the days. Lower back hurting from holding her. Thank you to the mystery person. I so very much appreciate it. God bless and love to all. SJ

2/27 “Faith & Hope” stopped me.

Just yesterday I sat in my home praying out loud to God just how Thankful I am to be blessed by so many wonderful and amazing people in my life through my heartache and pain of losing my entire family In less than 9 months the amount of love that has been poured over me has been more than anyone could imagine I arrived at work today being stopped in the parking lot by two Angels “Faith” and “Hope” who presented me with an incredible gift just for me and a sweet and encouraging letter so once again Thank you Jesus for placing these wonderful women (angels) in my path today and blessing me once again


2/25 I’m sorry I didn’t answer the door.

I am so sorry I did not answer the door today but I am sick. I think I have food poisoning. This too shall pass as did the effects of chemo and radiation. Thank goodness.

Thank you all so much for the kind bounty of gifts left at my door this morning. Who were the women who left them?

What a great organization. When I’m feeling better I will look further into your group. I did sign up for your newsletter.


2/18 Before today, I have not heard of 12 Ordinary Woman.

I want to sincerely thank 12 Ordinary Women for their huge hearts, thoughtfulness, generosity and caring. Today, when I arrived to work, I received a beautiful surprise gift that was left by the door of my place of employment. Before today, I have not heard of 12 Ordinary Woman. This amazing group of woman, know how to touch my heart and fill my eyes with tears. I was completely at a loss for words by your generosity. The guardian angel will be worn by Kassidey daily and she will be reminded that she will always be guided and protected and I will hang mine near for a daily reminder to myself as well. I may never know who the individual or groups are that helped me and my family, but please know I am so very grateful!!! Words cannot thank you enough and I hope to one day be able to give this warm feeling to someone else. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
V. Johnson

2/14 Charlotte, NC thank you.

My wife Sally and I have received multiple donations made in the name of Grace, Faith and Hope from 12 Ordinary Folks. We are in the midst of a Go Fund Me campaign, as Sally is going to have to receive a liver transplant this year. We’ve had great support from family and friends and associates but every time we see one of these sneaky little 12 Ordinary donations pop in we just stop and smile at one another and say, “ok, how can we do this for other people?” It’s meant the world to us, it’s so fun and it’s such a true represention of the JOY and the LIGHT that the Lord creates us with. Thank you all, whoever the heck you are!!! ❤️ - Jordan and Sally

2/13 Today I received a blessing in a plain white envelope


Today I received a blessing in a plain white envelope

It’s said From Twelve Ordinary Women .. how can a gift of hope and promise of better days be anything ordinary
I believe these women are extraordinary
I’ve never felt so cared about
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
The card and promise of prayer would have been enough❤️


1/6 Grace came to my office.

I can’t thank 12 Ordinary woman enough for there thoughtfulness, generosity and caring. Today I received a beautiful much needed unexpected surprise gift of help and before today have not heard of 12 Ordinary Woman. What a wonderful group of woman who know just how to put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. A beautiful woman named Grace showed up at my work today and presented me with beautifull words, a loving hug and a gift I could never have imagined to receive and at the most perfect time. I may never know who the individual or individuals are that helped me but please know I am most humble and grateful and has helped me restore my belief in gods love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and warm hugs to all!MT