7/17 St Vincent de Paul conference gift in memory of our son

Last night I attended the monthly meeting of our St Vincent de Paul conference. I was handed an envelope with a check made payable to our St Vincent de Paul conference in memory of our son, Samuel Patrick Tougher. Sam passed awayon March 28thof this year. He was 31 years old. Along with the check there was a beautiful note wishing me well with the hope that this gift would "touch someone's heart like it touched Sam's." Sam struggled with addiction and physical problems for many years, but he had a generous and loving heart and always looked to reach his hand out to others even during some very difficult times. When I came home from my meeting I went online and read about this wonderful organization of 12 Ordinary Women and was so moved by the mission statement of your group to give the gift of hope to other women. As Vincentians, our members offer compassionate support to help those who struggle with poverty. Your generous gift will provide financial support to families experiencing financial hardships. Thank you so much for your gift of hope to our St Vincent de Paul group as we help those in need in our community. Your organization has touched my family's heart and we are lifted up by your kindness and generosity.

Peace, The Tougher Family