7/3 We were overwhelmed

I wish I knew who to thank for the wonderful cards and sweet floral bouquet we received last week. Both my husband and I were overwhelmed by the cards and their kind messages. We have struggled, often alone, with our sons' health challenges for 20-plus years. It has often been a very lonely journey. At first, the "anonymous" aspect of 12 Ordinary Women threw me because I so wanted someone to thank in person! But the more we thought about it and tried to figure out WHO this gift came from, the more possible people we came up with ... confirming that we have more friends than we thought, and that there are many people out there who could be our "Secret" gift giver(s). This was a

comforting realization! That, even though people might not outwardly acknowledge the struggles of others, there are a host of secret angels out there. Thank you again!!