Timing was prefect!

Hi 12 ordinary women, 

I wanted to thank you all, whoever you may be, for the generous gift delivered to me today. I can't begin to tell you how grateful and overwhelmed my husband and I both are for this huge blessing. The timing was so perfect too, we needed to get some checks yesterday to send with al the immigration papers but didnt have all the money to cash it at the bank and were hoping to do so today... Now we can do so without going broke !

Thank you soooo much, God bless you hearts and the amazing ministry to bless other people. 


We will pray for you and if you want to pray for us we will appreciate that too =) (you could pray that the whole greencard process for me goes smoothly and we can find stable jobs on the side while doing photography, which is what we love to do.) 


God bless,


M & R