I saw her cry because she felt Hope...

Dear 12 Ordinary Women,

I think you should change the name of your group. What you all do is extraordinary!


I cannot tell you what a difference you made in my family's life today. For the past five months it seems like we have only received bad news. Today we found out that my dad would be released to come home on Friday because the insurance will no longer cover his stay in rehab. My mom spent the morning crying because there is so much left to do and medical equipment left to buy for the house to be ready. She came back into the hospital room after receiving the gift with tears in her eyes. She said, "a woman just gave me a card and by the time I opened it and saw the money, she was gone." She said that she ran down the hall to the elevators and couldn't find her anywhere. She thought maybe the woman was an angel :) My mom sat down, put her face in her hands and cried. I've watched her cry a lot lately because she's scared, overwhelmed, heartbroken, etc.  For the first time in months I saw her cry because she felt hope and encouragement. That part was a wonderful gift for me. I also saw her feel relief because something GOOD finally happened. She looked up the website and still can't believe that strangers could be so generous and loving. The money will be a huge help in preparing the house for my dad to come home. More than the money thank you for giving me and my mom hope that things will be ok and showing us that we are not alone. I will never forget this day.


Love to everyone of you,