Encouragement Came at the Exactly Perfect Time

Two beautiful women showed up at my doorstep tonight, and I was so concerned that my boisterous beagle would knock them over that I was hardly able to comprehend what was happening until these angels had slipped away, leaving me with cash, promise of prayer, and the sweetest note in my hand.

My husband and I are adopting two precious little girls from Honduras on a trainee and student's salary, and the waiting on their arrival has grown weary...this heaven-sent encouragement came at the exactly perfect time.  We have been so blessed to be able to raise a lot of the over $30,000 estimated cost through the generosity of friends and family, but from strangers?  What a wonderful testament to God's love!  What a marvelous organization!  Smith and I are wiping away tears and wish we knew whom to thank, whom to introduce our daughters to once they arrive, and whom we should embrace with an enormous hug of gratitude.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!  We know that He is hearing our prayers and that He WILL bring our darling little girls home, that we WILL be able to afford this adoption.

There aren't words big enough to express our gratitude for this miracle!  Let us know how to get involved so we can bless others!!!!  We wish we could think of something more articulate or profound to say, but we are simply flabbergasted by this anonymous act of love.

Twelve EXTRAORDINARY women!  God bless you all!

Until they are home,