36 Ordinary Women join together to help 5!

I stopped for a moment and just took in the sight...

36 women in my home, chatting and getting to know each other all with one common tie, they are all Ordinary Women. Some even though they weren’t in the same group knew each other already. Imagine their surprise to see each other in my kitchen! That was a joy to see. :-)

This wasn’t really anything I had ever thought about doing but several months ago I was invited to attend a new 12OW meeting in Nashville and as I sat there and listened to these young women express their desire to help other women, their careful and creative thoughts and ideas I wanted my own 12 OW to meet them somehow. I casually mentioned that perhaps we could all meet and from that came 3 of our local groups coming together to celebrate. We shared stories of gifts, deliveries that were both hilarious and heart wrenching, tears over the stories of how this small act of giving HOPE together has changed each of our lives forever. There are many, many more Ordinary Women outside of this group of 36 and I suppose they all would agree...”I will never be the same.”


It was such a wonderful night. We conducted “business” as we always would, our gifts were all pooled into a basket, nominees were brought to the group at large (or large group :-) ) and we discussed each story and how we might best help. There were 5 amazing and deserving nominees...how does one choose, how do we help one and not the other? These are choices we wrestle with each and every month (as a rule we only help one deserving woman each month) but this time very much like ‘loaves and fishes’ there was more than enough for us to bless each nominee with a gift. Joy of Joys! We divide into teams one OW from each of the 3 groups, 5 teams of OW off to share the gift of HOPE with those we knew might need it at this particular moment. Some of those stories are posted here on the blog.


Sometimes things just happen and it feels right...this felt right. Thank you to each and every Ordinary Woman those I know and those I do not. You are a blessing!


Joy Joy Joy!!!