12 OW visit a hospital in North Dallas

12 Ordinary Women from North Dallas, Tx.
     Our family wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your hospital visit to meet our daughter Micaela and the very kind and thoughtful gift of help to our family. Micaela has completed her third round of chemo which was extremely hard on her and her body. Micaela spent twelve days in ICU following this round of chemo due to a heart problem which developed after the chemo most likely caused by a virus with her blood counts being so low. Micaela is back on the 6th floor again doing better and heart function improving, she also received postive results from her bone marrow aspiration as it was free from leukemia cells. She will need to repeat this test again in two weeks and when this test is free from leukemia cells again she can proceed to transplant. Please keep her in your prayers as she moves forward with treatment.
Thank you again for your kindness,
The White Family