Upon opening, I sighed, smiled brightly

My Dear Sister/Women/Friends,
Today I was blessed with a visit from 5 angelic beings; 3 being under the age of 10, and their mothers.  We laughed,  talked, inquired, toured, hugged, and joyously shared our brief moments together. ( I believe that they came from the distant plantet of "Union Township ;-) !
And before these beings of light left my home this evening, they gifted me with yet another gift--in addition to their lovely presence.  Upon opening, I sighed, smiled brightly, and felt overwhelmed by the generosity of this group; beautiful music and gift cards.
And your Vision/Mission Statement is everything that I believe in twithin the depths of my heart.  What an auspicious occasion this is indeed !!!
Thank you, dear, beloved, friends, for your kindness, compassion, generosity, and most of all, your prayers.  I will continue to keep you in my daily prayers too !  May God continue to bless and keep you all in his loving care....
Peace, Love, Blessings,