Hope after the storm in New Jersey

Hello my name is "K "and I just wanted to thank all the women that came together and gave me a gift. Words can not say how thankful I am. A women, well maybe a angel, came to my home shortly after the storm hit the area I live at in Middletown NJ. A women approached me and I believe she said her name was Hope she handed me a card and inside was 1,500 dollors she told me all the info would be in the card and she was gone. Before she handed me the card she explainned to me that God loves me and that she knew my story? At the moment I new God was watching over me and my kids. I will admit my faith had been shaken from the storm, but once I spoke to the women I new God was here with me and that there are people out there that do love me and my kids and no mater how hard it seems at that moment God is there with me.

I really wanted to take this time and thank the women that came together and thought of me and my kids. I may not know who you are but I do know that you are angels sent from God, doing Gods work

Thank you,