"There's someone at the door!!"

My kids started yelling "There's someone at the door!" so I rolled off the couch, expecting to turn a solicitor away, but instead it was a lady that I didn't know, handing me a gorgeous, full basket and telling me that people were praying and thinking about me. Stunned, I went inside and looked through all the beautiful things that were given, all seemingly tailored just for me, with tears streaming down my face.
I don't know who I am thanking, other than God, who has so generously provided friends in my life who genuinely love and care for little ol' me.
So, whoever you are, thank you for letting God use you to brighten my dreary day. I know now that He was listening when I prayed fervently for Him to send His angels to minister to me in these dark hours.
Much love and gratitude,