I can't stop crying with love and joy in my heart!


i can’t stop crying w/love and joy in my heart!!!

today i had a visit from a young women that i didn’t know telling me i

was selected to receive a special gift to encourage and bring addtional sunshine to my life!!!

well, my oh my it did!!! when i was able to recover from the shock –

 i read the card (i now have framed) –

 what an honor to be recognized as being a special women in our community.

a money gift was also included!!

i have a boarding home and am on a budget of sorts –

 so this gift touched my heart in so many ways –

1st thing i did was tell the boys were having pizza or hamburgers tomorrow –

this is a luxury for us – we are so blessed!!!

i can never thank 12 Ordindary Women enough….

this is truly 1 of the nicest things that has ever happened to me!!!

God Bless – SS