I hear you...I see you

Thank you so, so much for your incredible kindness to me last Monday... It was so thoughtful, so generous.  Two nights before, I had been crying out to God, feeling overwhelmed...  

We experienced the loss of our baby son four years ago, followed by three miscarriages.  When we finally carried our baby to full-term and delivered our baby girl last year, we found out at her birth she has Down Syndrome.   She is healthy, such a joy, and now we can't imagine life without her, but her diagnosis was a shock and When I think about the future and how different it will be from what we expected, I find myself grieving again.  Grieving the loss of how I thought life was supposed to turn out.

When I got your gift, I cried.  It was like God was saying, "I hear you.  I see you.". Thank you so much!!  The massage, the pedicure, the facial... Everything was so beautifully put together, from the fine china to the Real Simple magazine, to the vintage napkins--there was love in those details! I was amazed!  So were the ladies who worked at the spa.  When I told them it was from a group of women who wanted to give it anonymously, they were stunned.  Two of them said they would like to find out more about 12 ordinary women and join it themselves.  Truth be told, it seemed like a holy moment as we talked about what you all had done.  I will never forget your kindness.  

Thank you so much,