Card and Book, a great surprise!

I don't know the lady that dropped it off today at work but want thank who ever it that gave me the devotional and card with money it. It was a great surprise. It brought tears to my eyes with joy because right now we are going through rough times with my husbands health. I started working at Chick-fil-a at the end of October and since then my husband has been blacking out causing him to total 2 cars and wreck 2 more vehicles. He also has been falling and losing big tracks of time and not knowing what happened. He just got released on Friday from the hospital after being there for 9 days.Since he has been home, he has been dizzy and not able to be alone. He has several doctors he has to see to try and figure out what is going on. His health problems is on top of him being out of work for a year and us losing everything back in February of last year. So, I wanted to thank who ever dropped the book, card and money off because it's a big help.