sometimes in my line of work i question God..

i just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a impact you had on this persons day.. Heather is the mother of a very tiny little baby that i have the honor to be the primary nurse to.. i have taken care of her since the first day she was born.. we do primary nursing in the NICU, this is were we pick up an infant in the begining of their life and take care of them and their family for their jounery through the many days in the NICU.
The other day two of your women droped by the unit and met Heather, gave her a basket and a card.. now you had no idea of knowing what a hard weekend she and her husband had just had, you see we have good days and bad days in the NICU, it was a bad weekend, but we all made it through .. and little Varissa still shows her strength..
acts of kindness are hard to find in these hard times today.. this warmed my heart beyond words.. i did not know you were out there, i did not know anyone like this was out there these days.. sometimes in my line of work i question God.. today.. everything i know of God shines through..
Thank you.. Thank you so much for touching this family, for helping this woman make it through one more day.. know that you are special.. know that there is a place for you .. a place for you in heaven..