Words Are Not Enough to Thank You...in Franklin,TN

I can hardly see through my tears enough to type...

I'm still in shock,

but I want to thank you, whoever you precious 12 ordinary women are....

... for the INCREDIBLE blessing.

A card filled with such a generous gift, the cross bookmark and beautiful Hope necklace.

The words on the card made me weep even more....

I need this HOPE.
I've needed to feel that I'm braver and stronger and smarter.

I was just returning from Saddle Up where my daughter, who has spina bifida and uses a wheelchair, does riding therapy. She heard me crying and saying "oh, dear Lord!" and thought something was wrong! She said, "Mom, that really is a gift from God!"

Yes. YOU 12 "UN-ordinary" women brought me a precious gift from God tonight.

This single mom thanks you with a humble and grateful heart. Words are not enough.

Bless each of you, one hundred fold.

With love, as a sister,


Franklin, TN