Thank you for the flowers.

On Friday, Oct 25, 2013, a HUGE bouquet of gorgeous flowers was delivered to me. The card said it was from "12 Ordinary Women", but I wanted to know who was really behind this beautiful gift. When I called the florist, they told me that a man named "Joe" came in and paid for it but they had no other information. I want to thank whoever sent these lovely flowers, but don't know how other than through this website.

I have pancreatic cancer, and am enjoying life as much, or even more than I ever have. Each day is a special GIFT from God. Your flowers are a reminder of that gift and than someone loves me, and so does God me. I am certain that prayers were asked to go with them and with prayer and faith, there is HOPE. No matter what happens, God has me ... and you "ordinary women" ... in the palm of His hand and He holds our future. He desires only good for us. Heaven is a wonderful future and I'm looking forward to it, but He may also choose to let me stay with my family a little while longer. Either way I am blessed.

God bless you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.