Lakeway TX Thank you.

Dear Ladies; HOW CAN I THANK YOU.../ ROMANS 12;3-7
I have been struggeling in health and therefore financially my faith is huge and recently became baptized . I can't begin to explain the gratitude I have this day and every day to the Lord for I know there are lessons in all and blessings. I cherish the moment i looked into the eyes of this lady at my door.I rent a furnished rm and knew at first sight this lady before me was someone kind...I do not have mere words to express my heart yes for the gift but for her kindness. This gift generous beyond what I could understand I am graciously moved.
To these ladies moved by God to come forth is an incredible testimony of the will and love of God and his
answering of prayers...Please I thank you with a full heart and spirit...this moment I will treasure and share with many always.
God Bless.