What a blessing in Southaven, MS

As I came back to work after being on my lunch break someone told me a lady had dropped off a package for me. In it was a wonderful devotional book, a really cute picture frame and an envelope filled with a wonderful, wonderful blessing!!! God is so GOOD! J He always provides for His children! Working 2 jobs and struggling to make it from paycheck to paycheck and knowing there is not enough time in the day for me to work a 3rd job I’ve had to tell my children we didn’t have the money for a lot of things. My daughter even told me several weeks ago to not worry about buying her anything for Christmas and if I did want to buy something for her she would rather us take the money that I would spend on her use it to buy gifts for other people. And my son who has surrendered to preach has paid his own way through bible college and has never once made me feel bad because I haven’t had the money to help him. God knows our hearts and I am so THANKFUL for this wonderful surprise! Thank you doesn’t seem enough! I am truly grateful! May God Bless you and your family! I would like to start or join a group also to be able to help others like me!