He really was a perfect son...

I live in Newburgh, Indiana and received a visit from 3 wonderful women that I did not know on Tuesday evening. On January 2 my 19 year old son, Sam Featherstone, died after battling brain cancer for over 3 years. To say the last 2 months have been dififcult would be a major understatement. He never leaves my mind. Unfortunately the thoughts that dominate my mind right now are of his decline in the final 2 months of his life. He became paralyzed and then slowly lost the ability to see, speak, and swallow. He wasted away before my eyes.

I know everyone thinks they have the perfect kid, but I really did have the perfect son. He was always a straight A student and well liked by everyone. He was so thankful for his family and always thanked us when we did the smallest thing for him. Despite missing a lot of school during his treatments, he still managed to graduate on time as a valedictorian. He received a full scholarship to college and had already been pre-admitted to Indiana University's School of Medicine. When he learned in October that his cancer had returned, he knew he was not going to be able to help cure cancer as a doctor so he dedicated the final 2 months of his life to raising awareness and money for pediatric brain cancer research.

I miss Sam so much it hurts. I just have an ache in my heart. I was having a bad day on Tuesday so the ladies picked the perfect day to come over and deliver a gift of a weekend at West Baden and French Lick Resort. We have not been to French Lick for over 10 years so it will make for a very pleasant get away. It will be good to just getaway and hopefully find some peace for a short time.

I was so moved by the annonymous nature of the gift from 12 Ordinary Women. You truly are giving for the true joy of helping others without any thought of being recognized.

Thank you for thinking of us and helping me through this rough time.