It had been a particularly hard week...

Thank you for the beautiful gift!
Message: This morning three beautiful, smiling women showed up at my door. They did not tell me their names, but I could almost feel the warmth coming from them. They brought me a very special gift and a wonderful note. I had been having a particularly hard week. My amazing son Jason was killed last year, and it has been a long hard journey, which has seemed to have crash landed lately.
In the beginning there are people around you everywhere, and then slowly they fade off and need to get back to their lives, and eventually you feel as if everyone has forgotten him and you. You feel like the world thinks that you are ok now, and that your life is back to normal. As you learn to live your "new" normal, there are times that you feel that even God has forgotten you.
Knowing that he sent me these special angels at just the right time, lets me know that he hasn't forgotten me and neither have some very special people in this world. Thank you to the 12 ordinary women for answering God's call to send me a special lift. It did make me cry, tears of sadness and joy, but it was such a special gift from God's hands to yours, to mine.
Thank you so much, it will always be special to me.