Thank you to the 12 Ordinary Women of Evansville Indiana Chapter...

Late this afternoon while setting my son up for his physical therapy session, the door bell rang. Expecting his therapist, I was completely thrown off guard by two attractive, well dressed women smiling brightly at me.
I initially thought I had forgotten an appointment but, quickly learned I was to receive a gift from women I don't know, from an organization that I had not heard of. A day at the spa!!!!
How delightful they were and what a wonderful end to a busy day.
After reading the story of this organization and page after page of blogs, I can't help but be amazed at the generosity and kindness they have given to so many. Not only here in our town but, all over the country.

Thank you to whoever you are. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated and I hope that I can "Pay It Forward"... What a terrific group you are!