Dear ladies of the Evansville, IN chapter

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for the beautiful note and gift left at my door Wednesday evening. After a very challenging and physically draining physical therapy session for the MS I have suffered with for many years, I was not able to answer the door when these special ladies came by to see me. They had phoned and mentioned they wanted to see me and had something to give me. Even though I had never heard of 12 Ordinary Women, I explained that I was not able to get to the door and could they please just leave it for me.

Your timing could not have been more perfect. I was feeling completely exhausted and depressed that I was unable to do what I wanted that evening, which was to be with my husband supporting my son at his track meet. When my husband retrieved the envelope you had left for me, I cannot begin to express how your kindness uplifted my spirits! You truly touched my heart, and I am so very grateful for your thoughts and prayers! You are all blessings from God.