No one taught me how to deal with losing a student

I am a fourth grade teacher in Spring Hill,TN. I recently loss a student due to complications from the flu. I have a bachelors, masters and other certifications that all prepared me to be the best teacher I can be. However, no one ever taught me how to deal with losing a student. I am so happy that before becoming a teacher, I became a Christian. My belief and my faith taught me how to trust God with everything. I know that he does not make any mistakes and he knows all. I truly love my students and I know my purpose in life is to work with children. I will continue to allow God to work through me and teach, guide and most of all love his children. Thank you 12 Ordinary Families for blessing me with such a thoughtful gift. I appreciate your thoughts, and prayers. I will enjoy spending some relaxing time at Moments Peace Spa this summer.
Be blessed,