12OW helps The Nicole Daune Jackson Foundation in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

I can't seem to find the correct words to express my gratitude and thanks to those who mailed me money for our foundation. I had never even heard of your organization, but am so impressed with your mission. I just read some of the blogs written about the wonderful things you do. In my mind, you are NOT 12 Ordinary Women, you ARE 12 Amazing Women! My name is Ellen Jackson, I am the Chairperson of The Nicole Daune Jackson Foundation, located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. We hold Camp Coley, a weekend 2 day camp for girls ages 11 to 15, and 3 other events throughout the year. We promote a positive sense of self, self confidence, self esteem, leadership and teambuilding skills. Camp Coley day one theme is "All About Me", day two theme is "About Others". On camp day two we do a service project of some sort, since the day is dedicated to "About Others". However one of our yearly events is dedicated to an ongoing service project, which involves recycling used, commercial greeting cards and making them into new greeting cards, then donating them to a local retirement village. The generous donation given by you to us will be dedicated towards purchasing more card stock, envelopes and supplies for this endeavor. Thank you for enriching the lives of these awesome young girls while also helping the senior citizens in our community. This June, at Camp Coley information on your organization will be a topic of discussion on day two "About Others". I don't know how you heard about us, but I am now honored to know about you. Again, thank you so very, very much. Sincerely, Ellen C. Jackson, Crystal Lake, Illinois