Thank you 12 Ordinary Women of Gernantown, TN

God’s timing is always just when you need it. I want to thank the 12 Ordinary Women of Germantown, TN for the book and generous gift. My employer has been having financial trouble. Since January our pay checks have bounced or been late every pay period. Today 6/3 is payday and we were told this morning that it would be later in the week before we get our checks because they didn’t have enough to cover all of them. This afternoon I get a call from the 12 Ordinary Women of Germantown (who I have never heard of). Then a delivery with their generous gift and a wonderful book. With this gift and what I had saved, I will be able to pay my rent on time. God has been blessing me extremely and I just can’t describe how humble and unworthy I feel. Continuing to pray for a new job - I know it will come in HIS timing.