My Heart is Overflowing with Gratitude

With tearfilled eyes, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful, heaven sent gift. Words can not express my gratitude for the angel, card and generous gift I just received. I certainly don't deserve it and my heart is overflowing with gratitude and thankfulness. I am humbled and blessed to think that a group of anonymous, none of which are just "ordinary," women loves me enough to do such an incredibly selfless and thoughtful act. I wish I could personally thank and hug each of you for your love, generosity and prayers for me, and my husband, Jim. Your thoughtfulness and prayers must be due to the health struggles he has faced for so many years and the news we just received regarding his health. Although faith assures us that God is with us always, even in the darkest of valleys, and that he holds our future, and knows what is best for all of us, the worry and uncertainty can still be a lonely place, at times. Jim and I are both richly blessed and grateful for our Christian family and friends, who have always loved us, even me, when I'm not very lovable, and stood by us through all the bright and dark times in our lifes, and we dearly love and cherish all of them. They are bright, shining examples of God's love, as are all of you, and, I'm not mentioning names, but I bet some of you are part of this Christian group of 12 Ordinary Women.

Thank you again for your prayers, love, support and this incredible gift. I was listening to Dr. Charles Stanley, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, this morning, and he was talking about experiencing God's love during one of his struggles, and he discussed the time he felt as if he had been literally hugged by God, that he could feel God's loving arms around him, and that he's never forgotten the experience. He went on to explain that we all know God loves us, but to feel the strong presence of God's warm embrace is truly special. I feel God's embrace now, and felt it when I received your heartfelt gift today, and I will never forget that feeling and this blessing!

May the Lord richly bless each of you, and your loved ones, for your prayers, goodness, kindness and generosity. Please call on me if I can ever help any of you or your loved ones. One day, I would like to join your group, or similar group, and bless others, as you've blessed me.

Thanks again,