They didn't know me but they had a gift for me!

Yesterday, after my husband and I got home from the doctor, two sweet women came to our door. I was still dizzy so I didn't get to meet them personally. They asked if I lived there and that they had a gift for me. My husband asked them who it was from and to come in, and they said they didn't know me personally but that everything I needed was in the bag. When we opened the bag, we were in disbelief because inside was a sweet note, a beautiful bracelet, and visa cards. We were so humbled that we both cried. This year has been so extremely hard due to a month long hospital and rehab center stay along with my husband being out of work for several months. Next month, I am going to the Vanderbilt Center in Kentucky and we were stressed because of the expense of the trip. This well appreciated gift will definately help us with my medical bills and lodging at Vanderbilt. God did send these women to us and we are very very thankful. Hopefully some day, I would like to return the favor. Thank you and God Bless!