Bling bling. :-)

I am so lost for words at this moment. There are so many ways to say Thank you to a person...when they have blessed you, but when you have no idea who the person is its hard. I had never heard of group until today when 2 of the angels came my way. To whomever chose me to recieve a blesing today I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Your generosity is so kind and so unexpected I can not contain myself at the moment. You have no idea how much your gift means to me. I sincerly wish that there was a way I could hug you or kiss you to tell you and show you how much I appreciate you. But I cant. I do however pray blessings over you and your families that you continue to be blessed and that somehow I hope a ray of sunshine hits yor body and you feel this warmth of me sending a virtual hug. They say whenever you bless someone its another jewel in your crown once you reach heaven. I hope you walk around heaven BLING BLINGING! Thank you so so so so so much!