I know you're anonymous but know you have blessed us!

We received an amazingly generous and thoughtful gift this afternoon in Shoreview, MN. I was blown away and in shock when the delivery was made. I sure hope you lovely ladies did not read it as ungrateful! I was just caught off guard. It completely warms our hearts to know that your group exists and provides this wonderful gift. The card that was included was absolutely wonderful, our family has been through the ringer this year and knowing that someone cares means so much to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything you gave us was wonderful, all the ornaments are perfect for our family and the tree, Vinnie was so excited for the tree! He also loves the nativity set and named one of the angels Ellie. Thank you for the necklace with each of my babies birthstones - that means so much to me. Lance and I will use the Redstone giftcard for a date night, we are in need of a night out. And The wrapping, the wrapping was so beautiful, it was a gift in
itself. Thank you for everything!!!!

I know this is anonymous, but I hope whomever nominated our family knows how much we appreciate this and how much it truly warms our hearts.

You ladies are absolutely amazing! We hope to be able to return this favor someday and take someone's breath away the way you did today.

Thank you,
Lance, Judy & Vinnie