little angels

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful spa gift certificate and bottle of wine I received several weeks ago. I could not understand who sent the gifts to me or why I received them; however, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Recently, I was laid off from my job and a month later my father died unexpectedly. I was faced with two life challenging events and was completely distraught with the fact that my life was not the same anymore. I truly believe the lord works in mysterious ways and I must trust in “His” plan for me. He brought me to my knees in effort to get my attention, and again, it worked. Also, he sent me little angels to provide me with a simple act of kindness, which lifted my spirits, and made me smile. Thank goodness they knew that I love to go to the spa for pampering and most of all, drink wine!

Once again, thank you to my little angels and blessings to each of you.