A Christmas Blessing!

The doorbell rang Christmas Eve and they asked if Heather lived here? "That would be me. How do you know me? Do I know you?" I was told that the card inside the bag. I introduced 1/2 of my kids. I thanked them again and went inside my house. The card read:
Heather- We know your heart and life are spent caring for others. You are an amazing mom, and a wonderful woman.
We want to honor you today with a gift just for you. A gift of relaxation and self care.
We care for you.
Love, 12 Ordinary Women
Wow, thank you for taking the time to share your love and thoughts. Being a single mom to 6 kids (4 adopted with complex medical issues.) This journey has not been easy but it's days like this I am reminded that I have people around me that care. I lost my son and then became a single mom 3 weeks later. I am a blessed mom and I can't imagine doing anything else day in and day out. I am so looking forward to this treatment of me time! Many blessings to you all and thank you again for your thoughtfulness this Christmas Eve!