To the 12 Ordinary Women of Charlotte, N.C.~

I would like to thank you all for the surprise visit to our house with a gift of cash and yummy snacks from Trader Joe's! This was such an incredible act of kindness that we appreciated so much during our difficult time.
I had just had a baby via c-section and had to have 2 additional surgeries at the time of delivery. About a week later, our 9 year old daughter had 3 ER trips & then had to be admitted to Levine Children's Hospital for severe headaches and many seizures. She stayed in the hospital for 18 days and was diagnosed with Epilepsy. She is still on 4 different medications and has about 1-2 seizures a day now, and is completing her 3rd grade year doing Homebound School.
My parents stayed with us at our house for 8 weeks and helped us tremendously.... as we now have 5 children ages 11, 9, 6, 2 and now 8 weeks. Lots of friends reached out to help us during this trying time. The most generous and kind act came from you since you do not even know our family. You 12 Ordinary Women of Charlotte, NC did this out of the kindness of your hearts. Bless you and thank you again!
A. J. in York, SC