Orlando thank you!

I am so grateful for your generous gift which allowed us to take my friend Darius to Young Life camp this past week. He really wanted to go but his family could not afford to help him out. So he socked away all of the money he earned from work but at the last minute his car broke down and he had to use his "camp" money for repairs. Darius texted me to tell me the situation and I told him if he still wanted to go, we'd find a way to help him out. Less than a week later, this anonymous gift showed up from a group of ladies in our area with a note that said to use the money inside to help send someone to camp. I immediately knew who this gift was meant for...Darius! Because of your quiet generosity, this young man had one of the best weeks of his life. He experienced Jesus in a whole new way and I'm convinced he will never be the same. May you be blessed as you bless others!

-Tim, Orlando, FL