Dear 12 Ordinary Women and Dr. Reese

It has been a few days since I was so incredibly blessed with your gift and am still trying to process how and why such an amazing and unexpected thing has happened to us. I get teary everytime I think or talk about it with friends and will continue to do so for a very long time. Words cannot even come close to conveying my gratitude. Your generosity has absolutely overwhelmed me. Some people think about being kind, others talk about being kind. But very few people like you actually do kind deeds. The impact of your kindness in mine and my kids life is nothing short of a miracle. As with every other single mom, my life has had many struggles but at the same time been filled with just as many and more blessings. My two awesome kids have been my greatest joy and my sole reason for being. Everything that I do is for them and your gift will allow me to provide for them more than I could have imagined. Kindness has always been the one quality that I have tried to exemplify with my kids. I am so proud of the choices they have made and who they are as a person today. I pray everyday that they will continue to live their life filled with grace and kindness for others. The fact that my daughter got to be a part of this experience and see the goodness that people can create for others is something that I am so very grateful to you for. Being on the receiving end of your kindness has made me feel so humble, I only hope that someday I can also be at the giving end of hope and goodness to others.
Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. May god continue to bless you each everyday.