A North Carolina thank you.

I have just been handed a lovely basket from a lady I don't believe I've ever met! I asked her who I could thank for the beautiful gift and she simply said, "From people who care". How extraordinary! The basket was full of my favorite things - wine, chocolate, coffee, Burt's Bees...many things, plus a large gift certificate for yummy food. And, a note from this group, 12 Ordinary Women. Such a gift.
I am deeply grateful for the women who minister in this generous way. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in 2012 and I care for him and love him as he follows the path of this fatal disease.
Receiving this thoughtful and generous gift is enormously uplifting and encourages me to continue in this most difficult walk. Thank you, ladies. Thank you so much. Thank you to whomever knew what my family was going through. I will - one day - repay this kindness by doing the same for another. I will know what it means to her.
With gratitude,
Matthews, NC