A Franklin, TN thank you.

I live in Franklin, TN and received two generous gifts last week. One was in the mailbox in a beautiful card with Bible verses and the other was hand delivered to my husband when I was away. It also was in a beautiful card with Bible verses and a card from 12 Ordinary Women. This was so touching to our entire family. Our three teenage girls could not believe how thoughtful and sweet this was coming from anonymous woman! I immediately thought of the 12 disciples of Christ who were 12 ordinary men. The Lord has been so very faithful to us! This gift touched my heart so deeply and it was truly needed at this time! I love the necklace with the tree of life and “HOPE” written on it. I will wear this each day to remind me of these women who cared enough about me to send this wonderful anonymous gift!!! You are not ordinary, but extraordinary and I know that the Lord is so pleased with you all! Thank you again for bringing me hope,love, kindness, and compassion! I will remember this all of my life and be forever thankful for your generosity! May the Lord bless each one of you!