An ordinary day thank you.

An ordinary day where I was dealing with my austistc son's random meltdowns, we just happened to make our way to the porch because he was wanting to calm down and had said he would do so only with me. It was at that moment that we discovered our beautiful, unexpected gift. He all of s sudden became so excited, from tears to pure joy. We brought it out to the driveway and waited a few minutes for my daughter to get off the bus. When she arrived, my son ran over and told her that we had received a gift. And boy, what a gift we had never expected! We could not believe the thought, the care, the generosity and the heart that played into making this amazing gift for our family! We are still stunned! Thank you for blessing our family with renewed hope, with joy, with compassion and with complete love. We will pay this act of random love and kindness forward because that is truly what life should be about. We may not be able to be asgenerous finacially but we can definitely show love and kindness andrandom acts of even the smallest generosity to make someone's day. You all went above and beyond that. We are so thankful! Blessings and much love to you!!!!!!