Thank you for the lovely gift

Today I got a call from a nice lady who said someone would be making a delivery soon from Twelve Ordinary Women, and she wanted to make sure someone would be at home. A short while later, a nice couple arrived to drop off some lovely flowers, two coolers filled with prepared foods packaged for the freezer, a pretty silver angel ornament, and a book by Sarah Young, a favorite Christian author. I think they were just going to leave their bounty on the porch, and go, but my husband saw them first. When he asked who sent the gift, the lady directed him to the note enclosed with the gifts, which in turn directed me to this website, which has been my first knowledge of Twelve Ordinary Women. What a wonderful idea to provide help for someone going through a rough time! I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer over seven years ago, and am now in the later stages of the disease. I have a lot of bone issues and use a walker, but I can no longer stand to do much of anything in the kitchen. My sweet, wonderful, husband is a great caregiver, but he isn't a cook, so meals have become somewhat of a problem, though our church has been a great help. I asked my husband sometime recently if he regretted never learning how to cook, and he replied, “no, but I'll bet you regret it!”. This gift of food for the two of us is so very nice and thoughtful, and we are so appreciative. It will go a long way towards feeding us, and will be a great help for my husband when it comes to preparing meals. My immunity stays low because of chemo and the cancer, so even going out to eat isn't really possible anymore. I certainly haven't lost hope because of nice people like you, and I know I'm in God's hands so no matter what happens, I will be O.K., but it's kind folks like you that act as God's ministers that help keep me going one day at a time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness.