Orlando/Windermere thank you.

Dear Faith & Hope, What a total surprise you were a few minutes ago, showing up on my doorstep. My heart is singing and is so filled with hope, faith & joy. My day started off watching the sun rise, which I have never done while living in this home. It began praising and worshipping our Lord who amazes me over and over again. God must have been speaking to me as soon as I opened the door, because I never even thought you could be intruders. I immediately felt peace & comfort with you two. As you know I just can't stop wondering who told you our story…was it a friend, an acquaintance, someone that worked with my husband? Well, it really doesn't matter, it was God. I would like to thank you both and the other 10 women as well, and if one of the 12 isn't who told you my story--PLEASE pass on my heartfelt gratitude to the person(s) who shared my story with you. What a wonderful story I have to share with everyone. Not to mention I want to be involved with your organization!!! I am going to pray about this and see if God may lead me here. Thank you for the more than kind & generous gift. Mostly though I would like to thank you for the prayer today and for the prayers of all 12 of you on my families behalf the last couple of months. Please continue to pray for us when we cross your mind. It is more than appreciated! Thank you again & again & again. God is so good! I will get through this with His guidance. Much love to all 12 of you mystery women. ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼❤️