Thank you from Woodbury, Mn

It was a typical Saturday afternoon. I worked 15 hours the day before so I had just gotten up from a nap and went out to get my mail. In my mailbox was a small package with no return address. I was a little confused because I had not ordered anything lately. My hours at work had been changed about two months ago so with the job change I took about an $800 monthly pay cut (the job change had not been my choice). To say the least making rent and paying the bills was not going very well. I had been late with my rent for the last two months. When I opened the box there was a small book of daily devotions, two gift cards, and a towel that was embroidered with the saying “I said a prayer for you today”. I am always busy making things by hand-rughooking, weaving, tapestry, knitting so my receiving this hand made towel is truly special. I know that someone took the time to embroider on the towel and to me that is very special. I have felt truly alone going through all of this with work. It warms my heart knowing that “12 Ordinary Women” that I don't even know took the time to put this little gift box together for me. It makes me feel a little less alone and it gives me hope that people still care about one another in our world today. I feel so blessed to have received this gift. Thank you so much…. ~Carol