12 days of hope in Evansville, IN

During the twelve days prior to the Christmas of 2014, I became the recipient of anonymous gifts. I received letters of appreciation, cards with scriptural verses, and twelve lovely gifts which I will always treasure. It was a wonderful experience for me. Much like a child anticipating gifts at Christmas, I began each day with a feeling of anticipation in awaiting those good things yet to come.

On the 12th day, I received an appreciation letter signed "12 Ordinary Women" which was filled with many words of encouragement. I have re-read the letter often. The letter is a source of strength to me. It is a reminder of the power of Christian Community. During a time of great stress, the kindness of the 12 Ordinary Women re-awakened my sense of God's love, renewed my hope in God's promises. and lightened my burden.

Words can not begin to express my gratitude to the 12 Ordinary Women of Evansville, IN. May God bless those women who blessed my life through their love, prayers, and generosity.