A secret voicemail

I just arrived home and went to check my mailbox because of a secret voice mail message from a stranger named Grace about something special. I thought it was going to be something from one of my girlfriends.

I am absolutely blown away! I found the incredibly special card, a box of delicious chocolates and financial gift. I'm still speechless. You wonderful ladies have reduced me and my parents to tears. I truly don't know how to describe how you've made me feel today. Wow! I'm almost always the person who's taking care of everyone else around me. To feel that 12 other caring women were thinking about me and taking care of me today...well, it absolutely warms my heart. You have absolutely uplifted me today. I'm still speechless. You are all real life angels! Please know that you have made a difference today in someone else. You've also touched the hearts of my boys. You've shown them how special it is to give.

I don't know if I know any of you or not, but I love you all! I wish for you love and happiness today. Your thoughtfulness and generosity spills over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.