A gift of sunshine!

I came back from a 4-day solo trip to Nevada for my best friend's wedding to find a beautiful gift basket that had been delivered to me. I was absolutely surprised and overwhelmed by the kindness shown to me. The gifts were all yellow and represented sunshine and light-- a gift of hope that the senders so perfectly and successfully graced me with. My life has been turned upside down as I've struggled to love and care for an alcoholic spouse. The last four years have been such a roller coaster and some days I feel so buried by my burdens that I don't know how to move forward, but I know God made me strong and patient for a reason.
In my moments of sadness, I turn my focus on my toddler, who's name means sunshine. She has been my saving grace in so many ways. Her conception and birth were both miracles that brought me back to God. Now, there's no turning back. I choose to move forward in my faith and into the light. Letting go and letting God. This gift, which arrived in a cheery yellow basket is another reminder of the love and light I do have in my life. I have the love of God and my beautiful daughter who I've been told is the most exuberant worshiper in her Sunday schooI class!
I cant thank you enough for the unexpected gift and inspirational card. I keep the card on my mirror along with the magnet that was in the basket that says , "May the Lord keep you." It is a prayer that reminded me that I'm never walking this struggle by myself.
I was feeling very lonely returning from a wedding trip alone. Then your gift reminded me of something I needed to remember--that I am (we are) never alone.

With love and gratitude,