How did you know we had lost our son?!?

I heard the peck-peck-pecking of birds just outside my front door. It is mating season, and the birds see their own reflection in the brass kick plate and think it could be their mate’s reflection. When I opened the door to “shoo” the birds away, I saw a lovely package on my doorstep. I could find no tag identifying the name of the one who had brought the package, but once inside, I opened the bag to find two gifts: “ a tree, a prayer” figurine (Willow Tree) and also a beautiful Sarah Young book entitled Jesus Today: Experience HOPE through His Presence. And then I found the card with a note to me, personally, that said, “We just wanted you to know that you are loved and are in our hearts and prayers.” It was from 12 Ordinary Women.

Now, I can tell you for sure that these are not 12 Ordinary Women. They are indeed 12 EXTRAORDINARY Women! What a lovely gesture. But how did they know that we had lost our son three weeks ago , dying unexpectedly of a massive heart attack at age 51? How did they know that we are brokenhearted and empty inside? They must have known that we wanted to take his place; after all, we, his parents, are 78 and 82 years old and have already lived a long life when he had just begun his. After all, we were supposed to go first.

They knew because they are Angels and they came to comfort us. Hope does shine brightest when one’s world is darkest.

Thank you for your kindness. We will not forget it.