I had never heard of 12OW before. Nashville thank you

I had never heard of 12 Ordinary Women. One afternoon someone knocks on my front door. My sister, Tiffany, and I answer the door and we're handed an envelope. The nice young lady says, "You've just been blessed by 12 Ordinary Women." Inside the envelope was another envelope for Tiffany, which contained a nice Hope necklace, and another nice tree of life Hope necklace with a nice sum of cash. Needless to say this was totally unexpected.

Thank you for bringing some sunshine to our dreary February weather and blessing us with such a generous gift. May God bless each of you and those you are reaching. I'm not sure how you got my name, and I doubt that I'll ever know, but God continues to amaze me through His use of my friends and strangers to remind me of His love and care for me on a very personal level.

Blessings to you all.